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District Goals

Goal Theme “Vision” Activity


The following “Vision” activity (encompassing each goal theme area) outcomes were generated and presented by attendees at the Lindop SD 92 “Goal Setting Workshop:”


Board Goal Theme Areas:
Student Achievement/Curriculum
Programs and Services
Community-District Relations
District Finances


Student Achievement/Curriculum


Vision: Alignment involving grades earned by students to a common (district-wide), academic performance standard categorized by subjects.


  • Establish a data-driven, district-wide standard for grading.
  • Link teacher compensation to the success of each student he/she instructs.
  • Align the district curriculum with the feeder high school curriculum.



Vision: Provide a safe, energy-efficient, state-of the art, well-maintained building that is conducive to optimal learning.


  • Identify and utilize a measurable tool to assess the ongoing needs of district facilities and grounds.
  • Assess links between student achievement and increases in time-on-task from the presence of quality facilities and grounds.
  • Generate financial options that will promote economical, maintenance and/or upgrade considerations for facilities and grounds.

Programs and Services


Vision: Programs and services aligned to academic and Social/Emotional Learning (SEL) goals of students through continuous improvement.


  • Offer a student mentoring program that utilizes internal and external resources to address student deficits in behavior along with conflict resolution application.
  • Offer research-based programs that are, directly, aligned to student academic proficiency/mastery application.

Community-District Relations


Vision:  The district will cultivate a strong partnership with the community.

Individual responses from workshop attendees (used to develop the suggested VISION): o Assess the community and district relationship.

o The district will have a strong relationship with community stakeholders, o The community will see the school building as well as all personnel as safe.


  • Utilize/Create an exclusive district event(s) to engage the community in dialogue about such district priorities as academic achievement results and district finances.
  • Develop a strategic plan with staff and community participation.
  • Develop and utilize an instrument that enables consultation with the community about the quality and usefulness of district services.

Individual responses from workshop attendees (used to develop the suggested GOALS): o Inviting the community to BOE events, Board meetings, etc. o Survey the community to analyze their responses, create a plan, and move forward.


o The Board should actualize a strategic plan.

o The Board should have at least one town hall meeting per calendar year, inviting stakeholders, o Listen and not be so hard-lined.

o Exemplary customer service will be indicated on community surveys o Keep community abreast of student achievement and how their tax dollars are working for them in this area, o Community involvement will increase.


District Finances


Vision:  Accuracy and efficiency in budgeting that meets district needs

Individual responses from workshop attendees (used to develop the suggested VISION): o Anticipate a budget that will reflect the FY18 school year with minor changes that do not require budget changes involving 1SBE approval throughout the school year.

o The board should evidence fiscal responsibility.

o To ensure there are adequate finances to cover expenses of the district while maintaining sufficient reserves o Provide monthly fund balances at the monthly board meeting, o Always has the opportunity to improve, o Stability.. .to do what is needed

o District fund balances will reflect financially responsible spending.


  • Accurate and consistent budgeting/reporting
  • Maximize state and federal grants to offset district expenditures.
  • Simplify publicizing of the district financial status at board meetings.
  • Develop an instrument to assess both district technology needs as well as economical, technology equipment options.

Individual responses from workshop attendees (used to develop the suggested GOALS): o A balanced budget with no special request from ISBE due to major budget changes.


o Maintaining a healthy fund balance for financial security during emergencies o Review the budget process with the business manager, periodically, to be aware of the cash flow of the district, o Provide monthly fund balances at the board meeting, monthly or bi-monthly, o Buy Smarter + Reduce waste


o The Board will make every effort to purchase technology and equipment with the appropriate data needed for success, o The district will continue to seek state and federal grants to assist the district, financially,


o Do good research.


Approved at the Lindop 92 October 17, 2017 Meeting


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